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We pride ourselves on the fact that we work with the ultimate goal of reaching the most accurate value of a residence, while keeping fair market value our priority.
    Whether you are a homeowner or a lending institution, and in need of an appraisal, you are most definitely in need of an experienced, reliable, appraiser that not only knows the current market, but will also be capable of explaining every detail of their report with the utmost confidence in its accuracy. At Gordon Appraisal Services, we understand that we work for you, the client, either a mortgage company or the average homeowner, in order to provide the quality service you require. We can determine your estimated property value so that you can confidently assess your finances and make the right decisions for your future. We are also licensed and state certified, which means we are qualified to appraise homes above or below $ 1 Million. If you are a home owner, or lending institution, and would like to place an order, you can do so on our 'Place an Order' Page.





Fannie Mae: Don't Expect 'Normal' Housing Market Until 2015

By Meg Handley

Americans will have to wait a few more years for the housing market to return to "normal," an industry expert said Thursday.
"We're five years through a 10-year adjustment cycle," said Doug Duncan, vice president and chief economist at government mortgage giant Fannie Mae, who expects the housing market to stabilize sometime around 2015.
The path to stabilization, however, will be fragmented regionally, Duncan said, primarily along foreclosure and delinquency fault lines. "Two-thirds of households underwater are in 5 states," Duncan said, states which likely face more pain before any gains. "It's a very regional issue going forward."
s the impact of the housing crisis continues to reverberate through the country, the picture has changed. Where local and national housing markets were once virtually identical, they've now begun to diverge as employment prospects have changed in certain parts of the country.

While an oversupply of housing remains an obstacle for a housing market recovery, the lack of demand will be the more immediate issue going forward, Duncan says.
"There's been a focus on the supply side, but no one wants to buy. The level of application activity has been flat," he said. "From our perspective, it's really a demand problem going forward."
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The incremental improvement the market has seen is largely thanks to investors, Duncan said, who can circumvent the mortgage minefield and pay for properties in cash.
Only a significant improvement in the jobs picture—to the tune of 300,000 jobs a month—will help drive lagging household formation, which has been on the decline for decades now, and drum up demand for housing. "We're expecting 150,000 [jobs added] tomorrow," Duncan said of the Labor Department's jobs report. "That's not robust enough to dramatically improve the employment picture."
       -How will we know we have a "normal" housing market again?
"I define it when construction returns to the level that would see additions to the housing stock to accommodate [demographic] growth," Duncan said.

Until then, the United States will likely remain plagued by too much supply and too little demand for housing.
"The headline on housing is [there will be] a little bit of improvement, but this is not the year in which housing is going to break out," Duncan added.


How To Invest for Your Financial Future...

An article from, How To Invest Today-

"A lot of home owners have a query in their minds on how to arrange for a real estate appraisal on their house. The appraisal in many circumstances is the most significant part of the buying and selling process which facilitates the deal between purchaser, seller, real estate agent and mortgage lender or bank to go smoothly.

    Most of the houses that are sold or refinanced are appraised in “as is” condition and not subject to any slight aesthetic renovation. The appraiser will appraise the home precisely the way the home is at the time of the inspection. Minor renovation or any work which has not been completed will be taken into consideration in the concluding appraisal process. Any repairs that has been agreed to be completed will not be considered, such as a new kitchen, new bath or an addition. Ensure that any major repairs such as a leaking roof or a wet basement are refurbished for the reason that most lenders will not loan money when such problems exist. There are special loan products for these types of problems but the lender should be updated of these problems prior to inspection.
    The subsequent documents will facilitate to expedite the process and benefit the appraiser in developing the appraisal..."

    You can read the rest of this article, and more about Gordon Appraisals, on our 'About Us' Page.

"A good Appraiser has nothing to hide."


Reasons For an Appraisal...

    Some reasons an individual would require an appraisal would include:
Buying or a selling property
Refinancing their mortgage
Determining whether or not they have enough equity in their home to eliminate their lender's need for mortgage insurance (PMI)
Challenge their property tax assessment
Updating their property insurance
Assessing whether additions or remodeling will add value to their property
    Another key component to choosing an appraiser is whether they are approved by the lender you will be using. Using an appraiser that has not been approved by your lender can lead to unnecessary costs and delays.
     Here is a list of lenders that use us and some Real Estate Organizations that support Gordon Appraisals.





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